9 Facts about 'Yellowstone' Actor Kevin Costner

The man who can do it all! Here are some facts about the star Kevin Costner...

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Kevin Costner, a name synonymous with good baseball and western movies. He has been big in showbiz and some of his projects have been cult favorites of all time! The man was celebrated and it did look like he could actually play the game which is what made his movies so popular. Here are some lesser-known things about Kevin Costner that every hardcore fan should know...

 Costner was a smoker but quit when he no longer enjoyed it.


That is some willpower I have to say! However, Costner was always infamous for being a womanizer so that's a habit he couldn't forgo. 

 In addition to his acting ability, Costner is also a Talented Musician


He actually tours with his band. Kevin Costner and Modern West. Oh, I would love to see the magic he brings to the stage!

His First Wife, Cindy Costner worked at Disneyland and played Snow White


Well, things did not end up in a happily-ever-after fashion for the two as Coster had a wandering eye after all!

Costner had Approached Harrison Ford personally to offer a starring role in Air Force One.

Costner could have played the part himself but he was tied up doing The Postman. 

Costner was in The Big Chill but his Scenes never made it to The Final Cut


Costner's scenes were famously cut from the movie. The movie was actually a breakthrough for several young actors and the director himself. The director Lawrence Kasdan and Costner collaborated just a few years later in Western Silverado in 1985.

Kevin Costner has Many Children

Getty Images | Kevin Winter
Getty Images | Kevin Winter


Kevin Costner is a father to nine kids from different relationships. He has three children with Cindy Silva and one son with Bridget Rooney. He also had three children with model and handbag designer Christine Baumgartner. 

Kevin Costner has two films listed in the American Film Institute’s 100 Most Inspiring Movies of All Time


The two films which are listed are Dances with Wolves and Field of Dreams. You might have guessed the latter one! 

Kevin Costner Almost Never Does Sequels

He has always avoided doing sequels. So far, he is one of the very few blockbuster stars to never really come back for any sequel. 

He is an Arsenal Fan

Kevin Costner is a supporter of Arsenal Football Club (UK). Back in 2003, while working in London, he decided to go to a game only to find out that it was his favorite team playing away from home, and he booked a private helicopter and traveled 160 miles to catch the game.