7 Seeds Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Survival, secrets, and shattered worlds collide in Netflix's 7 Seeds. Will we get a season 3 of the beloved show?

7 Seeds Season 3

In 2019, Netflix thrilled anime fans worldwide with the captivating series, 7 Seeds. The show transported viewers to a future where a looming meteorite threatened Earth's existence. To secure humanity's survival, global leaders devised a daring plan involving cryogenics. They selected groups of young, healthy individuals, unaware of their destined role, and put them into a deep slumber until the time was right. When the chosen ones awoke after the cataclysmic event, they faced a barren world and an unknown future. The post-apocalyptic setting and the characters' struggle for survival captivated fans and left them yearning for more.

Has 7 Seeds Been Renewed for Season 3?

Fans are eager to know if a third season of 7 Seeds is in the works. Unfortunately, Netflix has officially announced that they will not renew the show for a third installment. The decision has puzzled many, as the show garnered average ratings and held a devoted fanbase. Netflix has yet to disclose the specific reasons for canceling the series, leaving fans curious and craving answers.

Is There Any Hope For 7 Seeds Season 3?

Despite the upsetting news, fans can cling to a glimmer of hope. In the past, fans' fervent support and online petitions have led to the revival of beloved shows. Notable examples include the resurrection of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Family Guy." The power of dedicated viewers has proven instrumental in keeping stories alive. Although fans may feel disheartened now, their united efforts could potentially sway Netflix to reconsider and grant the show's continuation.