6 Fun Details In "The Amazing Spider-Man" Films That Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed

6 Fun Details In "The Amazing Spider-Man" Films That Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed

Let's look at some of the cool Easter eggs and hidden details in the franchise.

Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man films may not have won over many Marvel fans, but it did leave behind a bunch of fun elements in the franchise that you might have not noticed. Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man first appeared on-screen nearly a decade ago, and the filmmakers made sure to add a bunch of easter eggs and comic book references throughout the films.


In one scene when receiving a phone call from Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker's ringtone can be heard playing the theme song from the original animated Spider-Man TV series. At the beginning of the second film, Peter captures and pants Paul Giamatti's Rhino. Audiences get a brief tease of what's to come when they see the character wear rhino-covered boxers.


Let's have a look at a few more hidden details we may have missed! Warning, spoilers ahead.

1. Gwen's Outfit 

Spoiler ahead: in the original Amazing Spider-Man comic books, Stacy is Spider-Man's girlfriend and she dies. In the movie, Gwen Stacy wears the exact outfit she wore when she died in the comics. The filmmakers clearly made a conscious decision when they adapted The Night Gwen Stacy Died. "I think [her death is] a hugely important part of her story and of this incarnation of Spider-Man," Emma Stone who played Stacy told IGN at the time.


2.  Black Cat

Felicity Jones starred in the second film of the franchise as Harry's secretary, Felicia who would eventually become the Black Cat.


3. Alistair Smythe

Remember B.J. Novak from The Office? Well, if you recall, he played Alistair Smythe in the Spider-Man film and is an even greater character than you might've thought because in the comics he turns out to be an iconic villain.


4. Electro's Cake

The green and yellow frosting on Electro's cake is a reference to the villain's costume in the comics.


5. Dr. Kafka

Fans may recall that when Electro is imprisoned and studied at Ravencroft Institute, a German scientist played by Marton Csokas enters. This is Dr. Kafka who had a minor role in the movie but is a big deal in the comics. Kafka was the one who founded Ravencroft and sometimes also works with Spider-Man. What's interesting to note is that Kafka was a woman in the comics, and not like the mad, sadistic scientist torturing Electro for his experiments.


6. Aunt May Eggs Gag

Here's a silly one. Since Peter is so busy being a superhero he often forgets to pick up eggs for his Aunt May. Peter remembered to bring her a carton of eggs after his fight with the Lizard. The joke seems to have continued into the next film with an email from May on Peter's computer titled, "Don't forget to pick up eggs!"


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