4 Possible Outcomes Of The Amber Heard Vs Johnny Depp Trial

4 Possible Outcomes Of The Amber Heard Vs Johnny Depp Trial

As we await the verdict of the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp trial let's explore the possible outcomes.

At the moment of this writing, we are awaiting the final verdict in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case. The Jury has been deliberating for some time now and with millions of dollars at stake, they have a very big decision to make. There are four ways the case could go when a verdict is finally met, or not met. 

1. Johnny Depp wins!

This is a solid and defined verdict. If the jury rules in favor of Depp then Depp would be acquitted of being a violent abuser and will be awarded $50 million, the amount he sued his ex-wife for. 

$50 million is a pretty penny for a Hollywood actress and if Heard is unable to pay the amount she will "get into all kinds of trouble, negotiations about how it will be paid during the course of time, people file for bankruptcy. There aren't many people who have that kind of money," David Banks a specialist comments.

2. Amber Heard wins!

This is another solid and defined verdict. If Amber Heard wins and it is proven that Johnny Depp is a violent abuser Depp will have to cough up $100 million in damages to his ex-wife. This will definitely send Johnny Depp into financial woes.

3. Victory but no damages

This is a more mutual result. In this outcome, the jury rules in favor of both Heard and Depp but no damages are awarded to either party, canceling any monetary reparations for the trial. All seven jurors must come up with a unanimous decision or else it could be ruled as a mistrial. In that case, both parties must agree and seek a new trial.

4. An Appeal

Whatever the result is, it's almost certain that it would be appealed. If either party loses, it would be very damaging to their career and it is highly likely that it will be appealed

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