365 Days 4: Everything We Know So Far

This is a live-update article and it will be updated as new details about 365 Days 4 come our way. This is what we know so far.

365 Days 4

365 Days has been a big hit series on Netflix ever since it was first released back in 2020. The third installment of the movie came in August 2022 and clocked 39.31 million hours viewed on Netflix, and fans haven't been able to stop speculating over the ending. The movies are based on the books by Blanka Lipińska who is yet to write a fourth book. But, wait up, that's not a bummer as the movies have already greatly deviated from the book's plot so there's a good chance we can have a fourth movie. As of now, nothing has been confirmed but here's everything we know about the potential fourth installment.

Is 365 Days 4 Happening?

In May 2023, many Facebook posts started to circulate, generating a lot of buzz about the possible release of "365 Days 4" on Netflix. One post in particular received tens of thousands of likes and shares. However, the reality is that there are no current plans for Netflix to produce "365 Days 4", despite the viral posts that have been circulating on Facebook. These posts have had a significant impact lately.

Facebook Posts About 365 Days 4
Facebook Posts About 365 Days 4

While it's not entirely certain whether these pages are all managed by the same individual, what is apparent is that they are all promoting NetflixLife.com. But why this specific website? The reason is that they are being compensated by NetflixLife to direct traffic to their site, as evidenced by the affiliate code tagged onto the end of the provided links. Depending on the origin of the visitor, they can earn around $7 for every 1000 sessions.

What adds to the intrigue is that upon visiting the mentioned NetflixLife page, there is no mention whatsoever of a fourth movie in the works. The closest we've ever come to any information regarding a fourth movie is a hint dropped by Michele Morrone, the actor who portrays Massimo in the films. Last August, he posted on Instagram, "The end of something is always a little bit sad.. but.. who knows…." However, this is far from a confirmation; if anything, it hints more at the absence of a "365 Days 4" in the making.

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It's important to highlight that Netflix has never officially stated that the third movie would be the concluding one. On multiple occasions, they referred to it as the "next installment," implying the potential for further developments. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that the viewership of the movie series has progressively decreased over the course of the three films, failing to recapture the initial enthusiasm generated by the first movie.

These same accounts are also making assertions about other successful Netflix movies gearing up for sequels when no such plans have been confirmed. As things stand, "Purple Hearts" has not been officially greenlit for a second part, and "Enola Holmes" has not received approval for a third installment either. Given the widespread circulation of these posts, it's likely we'll need to address and debunk such misinformation in the future as well.

We, at Trinikid, are not very keen on bashing other sites but these pages and posts connected are spreading misinformation. We can't stand for it especially since our job here is to promote all the information we have on a particular series or movie. If there are sites posting contrary to all the reliable information we've gathered it makes our job more difficult, but also more important. 

What Is The Potential Release Date of 365 days 4?

We do not have any official information regarding the renewal or release date of the 365 Days movie franchise. The second and third movies were filmed back-to-back, which explains their close release dates. It is unclear whether a fourth movie has been filmed secretly, but it is possible that it has not. The gap between the release of 365 Days and 365 Days: This Day was two years, indicating that we might have to wait until 2024 for any new movies in the franchise. Netflix typically renews shows and movies based on their success, and the 365 Days franchise has been a great success. We are eagerly awaiting any news regarding the future of this franchise.

What Will Be The Plot of 365 Days Part 4?

It's unclear how the movie will proceed. We expect Massimo and Nacho will continue to tussle for Laura's love. The future film could focus on more Mafia dealings. There's a good chance we will see Domenico and Olga getting married as they got engaged in the second film. We know that in the book Laura chooses Nacho as Massimo holds her captive, and tries to get her pregnant so we might see the 4th part heading in that direction. Anything could happen really, it's only a matter of time before we find out. None from the creative team has opened up about the ending of the third movie. So, we have no idea what she chose. On the brighter side, this open ending gives the filmmaker the chance to proceed with the gap for his next move. 

Let's focus on the final moments, which might hint at what could happen if there's a fourth movie.

So, after Nacho promises Laura that he'll wait for her, she meets up with Massimo on the beach. You might expect Massimo to be really angry because he knows about her beach rendezvous with Nacho, but surprisingly, he's quite calm.

Massimo talks about how he's deeply hurt by the fact that Laura didn't feel comfortable talking to him about the loss of their baby. He mentions a quote from a book his father used to read to him as a child: "If you really love something, just let it go. If it comes back, it's yours forever. If it doesn't, it was never meant to be."

Laura tells Massimo that he will be a wonderful father "one day," and as she gazes at him, Massimo asks, "Are you back, baby girl?"

We don't know Laura's response because that's the final line of the movie. If there's a fourth movie, it will likely pick up from here. It could start with Laura having already made her choice between Massimo and Nacho, leading to more relationship drama.

As of now, none of the filmmakers or the cast has revealed the ending of the third movie, so it's up to you to decide whom she chose.

Now, let's talk about the potential for the fourth movie. It could revolve around the wedding of Olga and Domenico, whose relationship didn't get much attention in the third movie. A wedding setting would be perfect for unresolved feelings to surface, creating more drama.

In conclusion, if "365 Days 4" happens on Netflix, you can expect it to include plenty of steamy scenes and possibly some intense relationship developments.

Who Will Be in The Cast of 365 Days Part 4?

It will not be the same without Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone as Laura and Massimo, so it's safe to say that they will be back in the fourth installment when and if it happens. Simone Susinna's Nacho will also be back as he adds a sense of conflict to the story so it would be a bit bland without him. Magdalena Lamparska will also likely be back as Laura's BFF Olga and that's the extent of our information.

This article was reviewed and is up to date as of March 7, 2024