13 Horror Movie Actors Who Actually Look Gorgeous In Real Life

13 Horror Movie Actors Who Actually Look Gorgeous In Real Life

They look so unrecognizable!

A good horror movie makes you believe the unbelievable. That monsters exist amongst us. Not only does it depend on a good storyline, but the actors in makeup should transform in such a way that they look as realistic as possible. This is where talented makeup artists get to work. The fact that many iconic horror villains look nothing like how they do in real life is a testament to the team that works tirelessly to make such visual effects. While many of us have been horrified by these monsters on screen, we've also been curious to know what they look like in person, right? Thanks to advancements in technology, makeup, and special effects as well, these ghosts and ghouls can get spookier with each decade. We're grateful that none of these actors look like their terror counterparts, but how cool are some of their eerie looks? Let's take a look at a list of 13 horror actors and how they look in real life. 

1. Satanico Pandemonium/Salma Hayek


2. Nosferatu/Max Schreck


3.  Samara Morgan/Daveigh Chase


4. Pinhead/Doug Bradley


5.  Regan MacNeil/Linda Blair


6. Freddy Krueger/Robert Englund


7. Grand High Witch/Anjelica Huston


8. Pumpkinhead/Tom Woodruff, Jr.


9. Leatherface/Gunnar Hansen


10. Michael Myers/ Nick Castle


11. Jason Voorhees/ Kane Hodder


12. Jonathan Breck/The Creeper


13. Pennywise/Bill Skarsgard

(L) IMDb/ Photo by Brooke Palmer/2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.(R) Bill Skarsgård attends the Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "It Chapter Two" at Regency Village Theatre on August 26, 2019 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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