10 League of Legends Champions With The Lowest Pick Rate

10 League of Legends Champions With The Lowest Pick Rate

These LOL Champions seriously need some love.

League of Legends is among the most popular games right now, but just because it is so famous doesn't mean all of its Champions are. Players have different favorites, and we tend to stick to Champions that have led us to victories in the past or are comfortable to use.

Because of this, some Champions get left in the murky bins of existence since players do not usually pick them. The game has over 150 Champions and is constantly adding new ones. With plenty of choices, some Champions are finding it difficult to vie for the love and attention of players. Let us take a look at some of the least popular LOL Champions.

To give you a point of comparison, the most popular Champion right now is Miss Fortune, with a 26.04% pick rate. 

10. Heimerdinger 


Also known as the revered inventor, Heimerdinger is a genius scientist. He is a mage, and his abilities include CH-2 electron storm grenade, H-28G evolution turret, Hextech micro-rockets, Techmaturgical repair bots, and Upgrade!!! Despite this, he is among the least favorite League of Legends champions. Pick Rate: 2.46%

9. The Kraken Priestess Illaoi 

The Kraken Priestess Illaoi 

Equipped with a massive golden idol, Illaoi rips the spirits of her enemies from their bodies to shatter their perception of reality. That sounds like a true intimidating power, but it is not enough for her to catch player interest. Thus, she falls into our list of least favorite LOL champions. Pick Rate: 2.41%

8. Varus


Varus is a mage, and marksman champion. Sadly, he does not perform well at Worlds, making him one of the least favorite champions of the game. His pick rate is only at 2%.

7. Neeko


The Curious Chameleon Neeko is not making a lot of people curious enough to pick her. Like her moniker suggests, Neeko can transform into an ally champion. 

Sadly, she is not doing so well as a mid laner or support. Her pick rate is only 2.13%. 

6. Quinn


Quinn is a marksman and is among those powerful LOL champions with a 51% win rate. However, her pick rate gets buried at 1.9%.

5. Ivern


The Green Father Ivern is the friend of the forest, but probably not of the players. He is among the least picked characters. Ivern is a support champion, and he cannot attack or get attacked by non-epic monsters. He creates magical groves on jungle camps that grow over time. Once the grove is fully grown, Ivern can free the monsters to receive gold and XP. After level 5, he can start sharing jungle buffs with his teammates. Pick Rate: 1.52%

4. Taric


Taric needs some serious overhaul. The Champion's outdated, making him not so fun to use. His pick rate is currently at 1.3%.

3. Kalista


The Spear of Vengeance Kalista is another marksman that isn't faring too well with players. The Champion has earned quite a weak and negative reputation that players who select them will get accused of Troll Picking.  

2. Skarner


Also known as The Crystal Vanguard, Skarner's passive ability called Crystal Spires allows him to gain increased movement speed, attack speed, and increased mana regeneration. Because Skarner isn't so popular, most people do not even know how the crystals work or his kits. Seriously, Skarner needs some love. Pick Rate: 0.97%

1.  Aurelion Sol


Aurelion Sol takes the top spot on our list of least favorite LOL champions.The Star Forger Aurelion Sol was once considered a mighty dragon, but now players are complaining that he doesn't do much anymore. Aurelion Sol is a mage, and his Center of the Universe ability allows him to deal magic damage to enemies using stars that orbit his body. Pick rate: 0.83%.

Those are the most unpopular LOL Champions based on the stats from OP.GG. Note that the stats may change from time to time. Have you ever played one of them? Which of them do you think is just underrated?

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