10 Facts About Power Rangers That You Probably Never Knew As A Kid

10 Facts About Power Rangers That You Probably Never Knew As A Kid

Here's some stuff you might have missed on 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'.

It's been over 20 years since Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers first appeared on TV, and for 90's kids, they were an epic group of crime fighters. As with any show from the past, there might have been a lot of things on the show that you missed catching early on. Watching as an adult, you realize there's a lot of cool stuff in the series as well as some not-so-cool ones and rather cringe-worthy and embarrassing ones. Here's a flashback to the '90s with our favorite high schoolers and their radical powers, delving into some facts about Power Rangers you might have missed. Let's see how many you know!

1. The Black Ranger Was Missing A Finger

Not many of us noticed that The Black Ranger had a missing finger. Not that it mattered, as long as he was having fun!


2. The Original Cast Just Got Paid $600 Per Week

Producers didn't give a fair salary to the actors as the series was a non-union show which meant that the Screen Actors Guild did not represent the cast.


3. The Original Mighty Morphin' Yellow Ranger Wasn't Trini

The first Yellow Ranger was actually played by a Latina actress, Audri Dubois, for the first episode.


4. The Blue Ranger, David Yost, Left The Show Because Of Homophobia

David Yost, who played the role of Blue Ranger, revealed that the cast and crew used to abuse him on sets because they weren't accepting of his sexual orientation.


5. There Was Once A Rapping Pumpkin And It Was Terrible

Just one of those cringey moments that are perhaps best left in the past.


6. The Racial Implications Of Their Uniforms

Who thought it was a good idea for the Black Ranger to be actually Black, the Yellow Ranger to be Asian, and the White Ranger to be White in real life?


7. Fighting Scenes From The Japanese Version Of The Show Were Included

Many of the badass fight scenes are from the original Japanese version of the show.

8. Rita Repulsa Could Hear Through Her Telescope

How did we never question that Rita could see and hear everything around the whole planet with her telescope?


9. The Rangers Were Too Old To Be In A High School

Let's be honest, all the rangers were totally in their 20s and looked it too!


10. The Footage Of Zordon Was Only Filmed Once

David Fielding, who played the role of Zordon, only appeared on screen for a scene.


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