10 Child Stars Who Grew Up In Their Shows

10 Child Stars Who Grew Up In Their Shows

Time flies fast!

Seeing child actors grow up in television shows we love is both amazing and heartbreaking. It feels like they have been part of our lives, and we feel more connected to them. The heartbreaking part is when we have to say goodbye after all the years that these show has stayed with us.

So to commemorate the magic that only long-running shows could bring, here are 10 child actors we saw grow up on screens.

Ariel Winter- 'Modern Family'(2009-2020)

Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy- Modern Family

Ariel Winter was still 11 years old when she first appeared in the family sitcom 'Modern Family.' She played Alex, the smart, middle child of the Dunphys. 'Modern Family' ran for eleven seasons, from September 23, 2009, to April 8, 2020. It's incredible how much change a decade can bring.

Nolan Gould- 'Modern Family'(2009-2020)

Nolan Gould

Nolan Gould starred as Ariel Winter's younger brother in 'Modern Family.' We've seen him grow from the adorable and seemingly dimwitted but cute child into a handsome young man in season 11. 

Rico Rodriguez- 'Modern Family'(2009-2020)

Rico Rodriguez

Who would forget Rico Rodriguez's Manny in 'Modern Family'? Rico played Sofia Vergara's too-mature-for-his-age son in the sitcom. He was such a hilarious old soul trapped in a small body.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons- 'Modern Family'(2009-2020)

Aubrey Anderson

Aubrey Anderson was just a baby when she starred as Lily, the adopted daughter of gay couple Cam and Mitchell from Vietnam. Lily is one lucky child. Her two dads made sure she was full of love and attention. 

Angus T. Jones - 'Two and a Half Men' (2003-2015)

Angus T. Jones

Angus played the slacker son of Alan and Judith in 'Two and a Half Men.' He was a charming, bright, and independent child, but his character turned into a silly buffoon as he got older. 

Alyssa Milano- 'Who's the Boss'(1984-1992)

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano starred as Samantha Micelli in the ABC series that aired from 1984-1992. She played the daughter of a widower Anthony Morton "Tony" Micelli, a former Major League Baseball player.

Jodie Sweetin - 'Full House' (1987-1995)

Jodie Sweetin

Cute and charming Jodie Sweetin has been nominated several times for playing Stephanie Tanner in the ABC sitcom. She's had countless cute and funny scenes as a toddler and relatable moments as a teen. 

Candace Cameron Bure- 'Full House'(1987-1995)

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure was 10 years old when they shot the pilot for what's going to be one of the biggest television shows in history. In an interview, Candace revealed that there are moments in Full House that felt real even if it was scripted, saying that the show allowed them to be just kids. 

Jeremy Miller- Growing Pains (1985-1992)

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller played Benjamin Hubert Horatio Humphrey Seaver (Ben for short) in this 1980's classic. He was an exuberant young kid. He idolizes the rebellious troublemaker Mike and treats him as his role model, and eventually became like him too. 

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