10 Actors Whose Pregnancies Were Written Into Their TV Shows

10 Actors Whose Pregnancies Were Written Into Their TV Shows

It was no coincidence!

Some of our favorites characters on popular TV shows gave birth on screen, not by mere coincidence. A lot of them were actually pregnant in real life! Not everyone might be aware that a lot of these actors were pregnant when the character they played on the show was pregnant too. The writers of the shows worked in such a way to include these pregnancies into the respective character's plotline! According to Buzzfeed, here's a list of actors that were pregnant in real-life while they were shooting! How many of these did you know?

1. Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow's pregnancy was written into Season 4 of Friends. Her pregnancy is quite unique because her character Phoebe offered to be a surrogate for her brother Frank and Alice.


2. Gillian Anderson

Remember when Scully was kidnapped and abducted in the episode "Duane Barry"? That was no coincidence. She later mysteriously reappeared in a hospital after a few episodes because she was pregnant during The X-Files Season 2.


3. Lucille Ball

Did you know that the iconic Lucille Ball was pregnant during I Love Lucy Season 2? They had to write it into the show. But apparently, not many people were happy about it as CBS executives didn't like that her being pregnant implied she and Ricky had sex. 


4. Chandra Wilson

During season 2 of Grey's Anatomy, Chandra Wilson's pregnancy was written into the show. Her character Bailey's birth scene is one of the most iconic ones on the show.

5. Vanessa Morgan

Riverdale season 5 saw Vanessa Morgan's pregnancy being written into the teen series. On the show, after a seven-year time jump, Toni is pregnant, but she hasn't revealed who the dad is just yet.


6. Candice King

Candice King was pregnant with her first baby during The Vampire Diaries Season 7 as Alaric and Jo's twins were magically transferred to Caroline's womb.


7. Melissa Fumero 

Fumero who plays Amy was pregnant twice on the show! Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine saw the show hiding her pregnancy until Amy went undercover. Then, in Season 7, Amy was pregnant just like Melissa.


8. Melissa Rauch

Bernadette surprised Howard by revealing that she was pregnant with their second child during season 11 of Big Bang Theory because Melissa Rauch was pregnant herself!


9. Jennifer Garner

During the final season of Alias, Garner was pregnant so her character Sydney in the first episode of the season found out that she was pregnant.


10. Jenna Fischer

Jim and Pam's second baby appeared on The Office Season 8 because Jenna was pregnant at the time. The season began with Pam being pregnant and both her and Jim revealing they were having a baby boy!

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